Investing in Audioquest Cables Reduces Interference (Part 2 of 2)

In the first part of this article, we explained when high-quality cables matter, and when they do not. However, if you have ordered a home entertainment setup from a contractor such as Audio Video Salon, you have already invested in top-quality equipment. That means you want to ensure that your home theater provides the best video and sound experience possible. As Audio Video Salon knows, the only way to ensure an excellent experience is with excellent cables.

Audioquest cables reduce distortion in several ways. In less expensive cables, the signal jumps between strands as it travels from the source to the screen. Each jump affects quality. Low-quality cables also allow the magnetic fields surrounding the data to fluctuate. The fluctuations also affect sound and video quality. Finally, the insulation used on most cables smears the signal and introduces fuzziness to the final display. All of these distortions add to delivering sound and picture that are far worse than the quality of the source.

Movie lovers who use Audioquest cables see an improvement because of Audioquest’s unique design. Audioquest uses a semi-solid design to keep the signal from hopping from strand to strand. The cables consist of high-quality metals to stabilize magnetic fields, and the insulation is minimal to reduce smearing. The resulting signals are clear, clean, and faithful to the information source. When you have already invested in a top-quality entertainment system, why would you reduce quality by skimping on the cables?


About Audio Video Salon

Audio-Video Salon is New York's one-stop shop for audio, video, telephone and web-based electronics solutions. Located in Manhattan, they offer the best in high-performance home theater, music and phone systems, as well as installing them. The store has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, Inc., as well as being one of their accredited businesses. Audio-Video Salon features the top names in video such as Runco, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and JVC. They also provide corresponding surround-sound systems and are happy to advise customers on which products will best suit their needs and budget. Audio-Video Salon offers in-home networking solutions that allow customers the ability to connect all their game systems, mp3 players, wired and wireless computers, and video systems. Audio-Video Salon installs everything it sells, ensuring that customers have entertainment systems that run efficiently, look wonderful in the home, and are easy to operate. Audio-Video Salon’s assistance does not end once equipment is sold and installed, rather, they are there for you on an ongoing basis.
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